Progressive web apps (PWA) in USA

PWA or Progressive Web App is a technology that allows customers to install your website on their smartphone as an application.

What is PWA?

PWA is an acronym for Progressive Web App. They are essentially native applications, but it is created with customer requests and requirements in mind. It's something in between a proprietary app and a website. But it can be downloaded and installed on a device.

Like a typical website, Progressive Web Apps are accessible by URLs and indexed in search engines. Like mobile apps, they send push notifications to users with news and offers. And they work on all known browsers and platforms, on any gadget or PC, online or offline.

PWA technologies became widely known in 2015. Google Chrome browser developers used and promoted Service Worker and Web App Manifest technologies.

What is this article about?

The article progressive web apps contain important comments on the use and customization of web pages. Here you will read about native apps. It will help you to compare them with Progressive Web technologies.


PWA is the new trend in the IT market. It's quickly gaining ground in the mobile app market. What's the catch of the new technology and why shouldn't it be bypassed? Which app to download, regular or PWA?

PWA applications have many advantages. We believe that a quality web application should have the following qualities:

  • High ergonomics

  • high speed

  • reliability and security

  • usability for users

  • full functionality.

These are just some of the important characteristics.

What technologies are used to create progressive web apps:


  • App Shell

  • Push

  • Web App manifest

  • Service wopker.

When users download apps to their smartphone (or any other device), they expect easy and safe use.

New features

The essence of the technology can already be identified from the name Progressive Web App, a progressive web application. It is a technology that allows an ordinary website to be turned into a mobile application by installing it directly from the browser window, without requiring additional action from the user.

The developer, in turn, does not need to create a ""heavy"" and expensive mobile app separately for each platform to interact with the user and send them notifications. PWA development is convenient and fast.

Today gamblers know that mobile apps are much more convenient than desktop versions of the site. You no longer need to be tethered to a PC. PWA work everywhere as long as you have a stable and high-quality internet connection.

The benefit is obvious to all, both to users and developers. Any company can create PWAs because they're low cost and quick to deploy. Progressive Web Apps runs stably on any platform or operating system. Thus, you can download them on Android and iOS.

PWA technologies is the perfect solution for you!

Features and functionality

PWA apps should have the following features

  • Convenient push notifications settings

  • Small file size to download

  • Full OS compatibility

  • can work when the network connection is weak.

This way users no longer need to look for replacement apps from the App Stores and Google Play.

PWA or Progressive Web Application is a technology that allows customers to install a website on a smartphone as an application.

You have to remember that PWAs can work offline. This is a very important advantage.

PWA vs Native App

Native apps can be downloaded from the official Play Markets (from Microsoft Store, App Store ot Google Play). Native mobile apps have a lot of weight when compared to PWA mobile. You can compare this yourself.

PWA is supported by all web modern browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.

If some website pages don't open well or don't open at all, you may not have the latest version of your browser. Please update your browser.

Push notifications are not available on iOS mobile devices.

Advantages and features for web users

PWA is a hybrid solution and allows the app to be opened using a mobile browser. The functionality of the native app is fully retained:

  • sending push notifications (except for iOS devices);

  • offline operation;

  • access to the device hardware (but there are some limitations);

  • installation of a shortcut (icon) on the desktop of the mobile device, visually indistinguishable from the shortcut of the native mobile app, etc.

Progressive Web App is a middle version between a website and a mobile app. It is seamless, adapting instantly to any device. It loads quickly, installs in the background and requires no extra action from the user.

PWA examples

PWA developments have a variety of companies: restaurants, cafés, pizzerias, delivery chains, online shops, online casinos, and betting companies.

Starbucks developed a PWA for order picking to complement the regular mobile app. With almost the same interface, the PWA was 99.84% smaller, making it more popular with users. As a result, the number of orders via mobile web doubled and almost equaled the number of orders via desktop. Starbucks PWA is a good example of this web technology.

PWAs are tools to quickly get web services featured in search engine rankings.


Progressive web apps combine the most effective features of mobile and web apps. PWAs significantly improve user interaction and increase loyalty and satisfaction. It's easy, convenient, and secure for the user!

  • There is no need to host the app in AppStore and Google Play. It can be downloaded directly from your desktop website on browsers.

  • Works faster than your website.

  • Works offline

  • Installation is possible on desktops, smartphones, tablet

  • The size of a PWA app is usually less than 1 Mb. This is smaller than a mobile app.

How it works?

Click the Download button

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Read the installation instructions

Instructions are different for android/ios and for chrome/safari. We will automatically detect your system and browser.

Enjoy the app!

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Frequently asked questions

What are the main advantages of PWA apps?

Costs 70% less to develop and maintain. Indexable and improves website SEO: the search engines rank highly and evaluate progressive web app. Bypasses AppStore and Google Play - can be installed on your smartphone home screen directly from your browser.

What is PWA?

PWA or Progressive Web App is a technology that allows customers to install your website on their smartphone as an application.

Who is already using PWA?

Many companies in the food, beauty, and online entertainment sectors are already using progressive web applications. For example, Starbucks, Twitter, Alibaba, Pinterest, and many others have already developed progressive web applications.

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